"Save the Music" - the opening of the social campaign

save-the-music-the-opening-of-the-social-campaign Max Skorwider's poster

On the 27th of January 2016 at noon in Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzeczne in Warsaw the opening of MEACULTURA foundation’s “Save the Music” social campaign took place, along with a press conference.

The purpose of the “Save the Music” campaign is to support a good music in cooperation with fashion and visual arts. The foundation aims at presenting eminent musicians and promote valuable music, regardless of its genre. In our understanding, a valuable music is the one that is characterised by professionalism, brings something new and unique to its genre, stood the test of time and attracts new generations of audience. The actions are being taken in many fields: creating works of arts and cloth collections, publishing articles, organising cultural events and publishing books and albums. The campaign consists of series of events, like vernissages, concerts or fashion shows. By buying unique clothes, the participants will be able to support the actions of MEACULTURA foundation. Marlena Wieczorek, the initiator of the campaign, underlines the fact, that the project gathers specialists for whom music is the sense of life and who hope to draw others to their passion.

comperes – Joanna Staniecka and Michał Dworczyk, photo by Rafał Orłowski

“Save the Music” is a project that not only promotes music culture, but also aims at influencing the way of thinking about it by educating the adolescents and showing them good examples. Colourful clothes with eye-catching overprints can interest young people much more than traditional methods. The MEAKULTURA foundation wants to get to the adults as well: to enthusiasts of music, fashion, visual arts, nonconformists and trendsetters. Dr. Piotr Jakubowski of UKSW, the tutor of the “Culture on” student club who cooperated with the foundation underlined the fact that music is often used as a conductor of personality, the one of a generation likewise, that makes the music of our youth follows us during all the stages of life. Ergo, the campaign is addressed to those, who want to manifest their personality and love to music by their outfit, and to people who can be attracted to music adventure by colourful appearances of artists.

The creators of the campaign, photo by Rafał Orłowicz

photo by Rafał Orłowicz

photo by Rafał Orłowicz

One of the participants of the conference was Kinga Król, the owner of Confasion brand and the author of the “Save the Music” collection, who put Maks Skorwider’s graphics onto the clothes. The aim of the campaign is to make those who wear Palestrina T-shirt and those in Che Guevara T-shirt equally proud. According to the designer, our outfit tells a lot about us, because it is the expression of our personality, and an intriguing outfit always attracts the surrounding’s attention and provokes asking questions.

photo by Rafał Orłowicz

Marlena Wieczorek – the initiator of the campaign, Kinga Król – the designer

photo by Rafał Orłowicz

Naturally, the author of the graphics that had been put onto the clothes, Maks Skorwider, was also present. Especially for this campaign he has also created posters about polish music during the communism. Each of them was provided with a short profile and an outline of songs of famous musicians, and cultural events, for example Jarocin festival.

Max Skorwider’s posters exhibition, photo by Rafał Orłowicz

Max Skorwider, Karina Dziubecka, photo by Rafał Orłowicz

The campaign got the support of artists, media and culture institutions before the conference. The partner of the campaign is Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne represented by dr. Daniel Cichy – the editor-in-chief. The event is also under the auspices of Narodowe Centrum Kultury. The action is supported by the media: przesluchania.com, Stowarzyszenie Artystów „Zdolni do Wszystkiego”, Cameral Music, Polskie Centrum Informacji Muzycznej, Presto, ModnaUlica.pl, All about music, Fragile, Jazz Soul, Antymuza, Szafa Muzyczna, O.pl, Infomusic.pl, Radio Kampus, MuzyczneABC.pl, Radio Merkury, Strych na wróble, Lulu Home. New ambassadors join the campaign every day and despite the fact that they represent different professions and they are of different age, they are considered important figures in their fields. Among them there are: Harel, Tomasz Konieczny, Artur Ruciński, Piotr Beczała, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Władysław „Gudonis” Komendarek, Agnieszka Mrozińska – Jaszczuk, Krzysztof Tymendorf, Marcin Przybylski, Adam Bałdych, Cezariusz Gadzina, Jan Lisiecki, Łukasz Borowicz, Lena Piękniewska, Wojtek Blecharz, Natalia Kukulska, Waldemar Kuligowski. During the conference the recordings of chosen ambassadors’ opinions, who agreed to support the campaign.

Daniel Cichy, Miłosz Bembinow, photo by Rafał Orłowicz

Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk, the ambasador of the campaign, photo by Rafał Orłowicz

Soon a website will be available where, in a shop section, you will be able to buy clothes from the collection designed by Kinga Król. The Campaign is already very popular, but you can still contact us. Perhaps you have an idea that can be useful for us. Don’t hesitate to contact us! The money collected from the clothes sales we will support the actions of the MEACULTURA foundation (for example, development of the website musicfrompoland.eu, organisation of a competition for polish music critics, publishing of meakultura.pl, or even organisation of “Save the Music” festival).

Report of Polish Radio Programme 2 is available HERE

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photo by Rafał Orłowicz


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