MEAKULTURA Foundation, which is a unique combination of independence, passion and professionalism, focuses its activity on Music, Education and Artists.

Our main goals include: promotion of high-value music genres, activity focused on organizing concerts and editing, implementation of educational projects, support for professional music journalism as well as activities of academics, creators, performers, producers and festivals, which are worth mentioning due to their high artistic merits

The MEAKULTURA is composed of Polish experts from both the academic and music environment. There are also foreign members (from such countries as: Belgium, the U.S.A., France, Great Britain).

Despite its short history, the MEAKULTURA foundation has remarkable achievements of unquestionable artistic and scientific value. The Foundation also has been supported by important cultural institutions situated in Poznań, Warsaw, Katowice and Gliwice, which makes its more and more recognizable.


• Editing online magazine dedicated to music:

• Organizing a competition for Polish Music Critics “KROPKA”

“Save the Music” - social-educational campaign

• “Music from Poland” website maintenance

• Apprenticeships and traineeships for students and graduates

• Recording of video lectures

• Organizing workshops on music journalism

• Public lectures on music

Further projects are still waiting for accomplishment!

• Plans include, i.a., printed publications: “MEANDRES of Music” Anthology and educational-encyclopedic books.



Prof. Krzysztof Moraczewski about the Foundation and the magazine:

Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Burszta about meakultura.plMEAKULTURA’s wonderful asset is its wide and diverse subject area. What all texts have in common, is committed and competent observation of contemporary music culture in Poland, and above all, a grasp of current changes - merging of different kinds of music (popular, classical and contemporary music), new music rotation, promotional mechanisms that affect images of artists etc. [...]

As an online medium, MEAKULTURA keeps a profile and meets expectations specific to standards of printed press. Texts represent an appropriate level of expertise, they are written in an attractive and rich language. Qualified editors proofread them regarding to their linguistic as well as content quality. Information about events concerning young artists, who more and more frequently continue their careers abroad, plays a very crucial rule in emigrant communities. [...]

A great advantage of the magazine is also its non-institutional character, which gives an opportunity to create a ground of independent views and opinions, necessary for the development of cultural life. For all these reasons MEAKULTURA should be considered both versatile and modern medium, which meets needs of contemporary culture.

Prof. Krzysztof Guczalski about the Foundation: [...] What makes organization’s actions distinguishable is the fact that they have institution-independence character and nationwide reach. Above all, they meet cultural expectations which are difficult to be fulfilled at ordinary courses offered by institutions of higher education. One of the main goals of the Foundation is to promote reflection on music and aesthetic and cultural contexts of music. In default of music education in Poland, such activities cannot be underestimated. [...] Numerous media patronages of festivals and record companies indicate that the Foundation have fruitful contacts with music institutions.

Dr Artur Kroschel about “Avant-garde Sounds” project:  High intellectual and artistic level of the project is guaranteed by the best selection of figures by the authors of the project. The concept of topics and questions gives a huge opportunity for creative discussion and awakened response among the audience. It is also important that the “Avant-garde Sounds”, according to its idea, is supposed to be addressed to both general public and experts, who are familiar with the subject [...] A clear and carefully thought-out concept is definitely a great advantage of this project. The authors’ proposal will undoubtedly create a perfect and suitable ambience of listening to the contemporary music and promoting it farther [...].



The MEAKULTURA Foundation’s purpose is to both operate in the fields of culture and education and to give aid to social initiatives and charity, which aims at:

  1. Supporting the development of culture, education and science;
  2. Promoting people and their work as well as events connected with Polish culture (particularly music one) and with the Polish Community Abroad;
  3. Professional activation (including equalizing opportunities on labor market) and integration of people who deal with music (in various ways, e.g., musicologists, music journalists and musicians, etc.);
  4. Supporting journalism and its development, especially the music journalism.
  5. Protecting cultural heritage and maintenance of national traditions, cultivating Polish nature and broadening national consciousness, both in Poland and abroad;
  6. Developing contacts with national and international communities connected with music (in terms of: musicology, culture, education, sociology, anthropology, Polish language, marketing, library science, etc.);
  7. Opinion-forming activity focused on supporting outstanding actions, particularly of cultural, educational and scientific nature;
  8. Dissemination of social education at all levels and increasing integration of local communities;
  9. Charitable activity, including promotion and organization of voluntary service;
  10. Assistance of various forms (technical, training, educational, informational, financial or material) as well as support for people in need and for non-governmental organizations;
  11. Actions on European integration, development of relations between different communities, also in terms of national exchange and intercultural dialog;
  12. Promoting prosocial behavior in key parts of everyday life according to preferred cultural values;
  13. Supporting social actions (related to law, tradition, economics) for purpose of the development of cultural and social capital (eg. social trust);
  14. Supporting and organizing theoretical and practical research on musicology, cultural studies, anthropology, economics, literature, sociology and history;
  15. Holding and promoting national traditions, nurturing and developing Polish national, civic and cultural awareness;
  16. Cooperation with national and local governments, as well as with other social authorities and business entities, including international ones (in particular, those from the European Union) in order to carry out statutory objectives;
  17. Dissemination of the knowledge of aforementioned cultural fields, which are concerned with Polish achievements in the field of non-material culture as well as usable and symbolic artifacts (used particularly in artistic work);
  18. Funding awards and scholarships in accordance with the Foundation’s objectives;
  19. Supporting the development of infrastructure, including cultural and educational institutions;
  20. Collecting funds needed to achieve Foundation’s goals as well as bringing attention of scientists, journalists, culture creators, students and others, who are familiar with organization’s purposes.
  21. Diffusing ideas of the Foundation’s mission through the mass (traditional, digital) and interactive media.
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