Music in Media - media course

About the course Listeners of the Music in Media course will gain knowledge and practical skills in three fields: 1. music culture seen from the perspective of various genres, styles and historical periods – in the context of cultural, social, political and aesthetical transformations, with the focu…

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Third edition of Polish Music Critics Competition KROPKA (DOT)

The general opinion is that everyone can criticize others. A deeper reflection and careful assessment of the music phenomenon is a rare ability. Yet much rarer is the ability to make an original judgment in such a way that it attracts attention of casual readers. We believe that constructive music…

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Second edition of Polish Music Critic Competition KROPKA

The general opinion is that everyone can criticize others. A deeper reflection and careful assessment of the music phenomenon is a rare ability. Yet much rarer is the ability to make an original judgment in such a way that it attracts attention of casual readers. We believe that constructive music c…

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"Save the Music" - the opening of the social campaign

On the 27th of January 2016 at noon in Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzeczne in Warsaw the opening of MEACULTURA foundation’s “Save the Music” social campaign took place, along with a press conference. The purpose of the “Save the Music” campaign is to support a good music in cooperation with fashion and vis…

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Nationwide Conference Elementi IV. Articulations. Under the auspices of MEAKULTURA

The ELEMENTI scientific session is a cyclical event. During the previous editions the organisers focused on such aspects as colour, space and time, and instrument. The title shall be understood in many ways: ELEMENTI – particles, elements, rules and origins. On the spotlight of the fourth edition of…

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Marlena Wieczorek on the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education experts list

We are delighted to inform that dr. Marlena Wieczorek, the chief editor of MEAKULTURA magazine and the president of the MEAKULTURA foundation, has been placed on the list of experts who assist in work of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT). Marlena Wieczorek’s name wi…

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"Save the Music" Press Conference - promotional movie

We present a promotional movie about “Save the Music” campaign, created during the press conference in Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne in January. The conference was the first event of the campaign that aims at supporting good music in cooperation with fashion and visual arts. MEAKULTURA foundation wan…

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Marlena Wieczorek among the experts nominating for Polityka Passports

We already know this year’s candidates for Polityka’s Passports. This year one of the people choosing the nominees was Marlena Wieczorek, Deputy Editor of MEAKULTURA magazine. Barbara Kinga Majewska, Krzysztof Książek and Marcin Świątkiewicz will be competing in "Classical Music" category. As it is…

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Thank You to all MEAKULTURA Foundation volunteers!

The 5th of December is an International Volunteer Day. On this day, MEAKULTURA Foundation would like to warmly thank all of those who selflessly supported its actions and projects since the very beginning. It was the persistent and unfailing help from the Volunteers that has made an accomplishment o…

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IV. National Scientific conference "Neofonia". Patronage of Meakultura

On November 30th (Monday) – December 1st (Tuesday), 2015 in The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music will take place the fourth edition of National Scientific Conference Neofonia. The event will be accompanied by the Intercollegiate Concert for Composers. Theme of this year’s conference: folk and…

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Series "Słuchalnia": Jan Topolski and Michał Górczyński The Colour of Inside of the Sun

This time Słuchalnia proposes a journey into the sound in search of its unusual colour. Travel guides will be two remarkable personalities of Polish new music. At first Jan Topolski, one of the most significant critics of Polish new music, author of the first in the country monograph about Gerard Gr…

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Anniversary edition of Arts Olympiad

This year Arts Olympiad is celebrating its fortieth, anniversary edition. The application deadline is October 9. MEAKULTURA Foundation established cooperation with the organizers of the event, which will result in, among others, in internships in MEAKULTURA and Foundation for the winners and prepara…

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"Słuchalnia" under patronage of Foundation returns after vacations to the CSW in Toruń

Słuchalnia – musical signs of time – an international festival of young contemporary music returns after vacations to the Centre of Contemporary Art. And it will be very theatrical coming back: concert on October 3rd will develop in the new areas story, that accompanies this year edition of Słuchaln…

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Karin Hellqvist and Bółt Records in "Słuchalnia" in November

In the November repertoire „Słuchalnia” suggests two faces of electronic music in one weekend: Scandinavian freshness and Polish nostalgia for bygone (but still inspiring!) vision of the future. November 6th Karin Hellqvist, great Swedish violinist, will play contemporary Scandinavian repertoire for…

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Marlena Wieczorek in the Electoral College of the Coryphaeus of Polish Music Awards

Marlena Wieczorek, the editor-in-chief of MEAKULTURA magazine, took part in the selection process of the Coryphaeus of Polish Music for the fifth time. The awards winners were chosen by a musical community and they received statuettes in three categories: Personality of the Year, Event of the Year a…

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The Project "Save the Music" on Hoop Likes Festival in Gdańsk

Good music may be promoted in various ways. One of them is to talk loudly about things that are valuable and important in art, good music can be also promoted by means of clothing. Could there be any more emphatic way to express your attitude than through clothing? The MEAKULTURA Foundation in coope…

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Seminar on "How to analyze opera" - Meakultura's patronage

On 10th October (Saturday) at the Theatre Institute took a one-day interdisciplinary seminar named How to analyze opera (Jak badać operę?) which was intended for trainees and researchers of various fields. Opera and stage experts, musicologists and directors were also invited to take part in the sem…

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Workshops on Music Criticism lead by MEAKULTURA Foundation during the Nostalgia Festival Poznań

The workshops on music criticism lead by the Meakultura Foundation during the Nostalgia Festival Poznań will be an opportunity to participate in an open discussion and a confrontation of opinions. Moreover, they will also enable the spectators to share their impressions on the spot. We cordially inv…

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Workshops on music criticism during the 5th Chamber Music Festival "Muzyczne przestrzenie"

Zygmunt Noskowki Foundation and MEAKULTURA Foundation cordially invite all students of music studies and humanities to the workshops on music criticism that will take place during the 5th Festival of Chamber Music Spaces of Music. The invitation is especially addressed to those students who like act…

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The Third Birthday of Meakultura Foundation

It is three years today since the establishment of the MEAKULTURA Foundation which deals with music, education and artists. This short time resulted in numerous projects, achievements and even a greater number of exciting plans for the future. This is a cause for joy and gratitude to all people who…

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