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The portal Music from Poland was created in 2013 in order to consolidate and develop the project realised by dr Marlena Wieczorek as a part of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship. It embraced extensive texts about young Polish composers, which were enriched with audio-visual materials These texts were published in the Internet journal

The project introduced composers born in the seventies/the eighties in different places in Poland. The project’s originator wanted to create texts that would be both attractive and full, as far as the presented material is concerned. The articles were additionally enriched with pictures, audio-visual materials and exclusive interviews with composers. The texts were written by young music critics, music theoreticians musicologists who, due to their places of residence were able to get in touch and interview the composers.

Apart from diversified materials, Music form Poland proposes synthetic, in-depth articles which confirm the social circulation of art and show how art is perceived. All published texts have identical structure consisting of: the artist’s biography, detailed characteristics of works, the so-called ‘mind-map’ which includes notions which play a crucial role in interpreting the composer’s works, quotations form rewievs, the artist’s statements, the list of the most important achievements bibliography, discography and audio-visual materials and photos. This structure will be adjusted in the future in order to describe the performers’ portfolios.

The texts are written by young musicologists and music theoreticians who often follow an individual composer’s development. Their expertise allows them for an insightful interpretation. They are also the authors of numerous press articles. Therefore, apart from their specialist knowledge in the field of music, they are able to formulate clear thoughts. The important features of the portfolios are: their multimedia formula which combines the description with audio-visual materials and the widespread availability of the publication. 

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