Polish Music Critics Competition "Kropka"


Contemporary music culture provides various challenges associated with music: from amateur castings to phonography contests, as well as professional competitions for performers and composers. Why, then, shouldn’t we evaluate the work of those who judge the other people’s musical achievements every day?

The general opinion is that everyone can criticize others. A deeper reflection and careful assessment of the music phenomenon is a rare ability. Yet much rarer is the ability to make original judgment in such a way that it attracts attention of casual readers. We believe that constructive music criticism should be considered as true art. Therefore, we announce the nationwide competition for the Polish Music Critics “KROPKA.”

This event has an opportunity to contribute to an integration of artistic communities, which due to their great diversity and niche music genres, remain disunited.

The competition is open to all music genres and musical styles. Everyone is invited to participate in the contest: publicists raising various musical issues- both professionals, publishing their articles in printed or electronic media and amateurs, debutants, as well as bloggers. Any form of expression will be accepted - we are interested in reviews, essays, columns or blog entries. However, criteria that will be specifically taken into account when assessing include value of the work and the quality of writing. We are aware of difficulties that occur while describing sounds - therefore, factors such as vocabulary and writing style will be also evaluated. 

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