The general opinion is that everyone can criticize others. A deeper reflection and careful assessment of the music phenomenon is a rare ability. Yet much rarer is the ability to make an original judgment in such a way that it attracts attention of casual readers.

We believe that constructive music criticism can and should be considered as true art. That’s why we created Competition for the Polish Music Critics “KROPKA” (“DOT”).

This event has an opportunity to contribute to an integration of artistic communities, which due to their great diversity and niche music genres, remain disunited.

Third edition of Polish Music Critics Competition KROPKA (DOT)


To take part in the competition please send your papers to

The deadline is 9 of March 2017 and results will be announced on April 24th 2017

The award ceremony will take place on 28th of May 2017 in Polish Music Publishing House.

The winning paper will be published, with the consent of the authors and first publishers, on online magazine MEAKULTURA.


Prizes (statuettes, diplomas, CDs, books and a valuable audio equipment for the winner of Grand Prix) will be awarded in the following categories:

1. Grand Prix for the best text about music published in 2016.

2. Two Main Prizes (for review/report and article/feuilleton)

3. Distinction for a debutant, i..e., a person who has not completed studies related to music and does not work professionally in the field of journalism

4. Special Award for a text on Polish music published outside the country.

This year are also planned:

  • Piotr Metz Individual Award for article about popular music
  • Director- Editor in Chief of Polish Music Publishing House Award
  • Foundation MEAKULTURA Award for outstanding achievements in the field of music criticism
  • Special Prize of Polish Composers Union' Musicologist Section for promoting music in radio and television
  • Audience Award for the best book on music published in 2016

First Prize is supposed to honor and bring to a wider audience individuals which are important for Polish music criticism and which are often undervalued or simply unknown outside a small circle of listeners of one type of music. The aim of the competition is the development of appropriate models for music criticism by promoting authorities in this field and increasing the level of criticism, especially in popular media. The purpose of the competition is also drawing attention to young authors, for whom it is often very difficult to find their place in this environment. „KROPKA“ („DOT“) can become an excellent opportunity for the young generation of critics to demonstrate their skills to the wide audience.

The Distinction is drawing attention to young authors, who are trying to find their place in this environment. „KROPKA“ („DOT“) can become an excellent opportunity for the young generation of critics to demonstrate their skills to the wide audience.

Special Award is addressed to authors who do not have Polish citizenship and publish articles beyond the Polish borders. This category is supposed to present the achievements of foreign musicologist and journalists who have devoted their work to researching and promoting Polish music in the world, and knowledge about them in our country is often minimal.

The Organising Committee of the contest is co-created by Polish scientists, doctoral students and outstanding students of the humanities. The Jury will consist of remarkable personalities which shape the most important events of cultural life in Poland, related to the activities of cultural and science institutions.

We invite all critic writers to participate in this project, and we encourage institutions and companies, which are related to high-level music journalism, to support our initiative.

The competition received support from Polish Society of Authors and Composers ZAiKS Fund.

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