Timetable, Terms and Conditions 2017

To take part in the competition, please  send your papers to kropka@fundacjameakultura.pl

Please read COMPETITION TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more information.


January 16, 2017

Call for papers

March 9, 2017

Closing date for entries

March 4 – March 9, 2017

Selection process

(Selection of entries and nomination of papers to be entered for the competition)

March 10 – April 10, 2017

The competition jury deliberations

April 24, 2017

Result notifications

May 28, 2017

The award ceremony in Polish Music Publishing House [PWM] in Warsaw

(Fredry 8 Street)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS 2017 (3rd edition)

Third edition of Polish Music Critics Competition “KROPKA”

for the best text about music in a given calendar year


The organizer of the competition is MEAKULTURA Foundation that awards the best music critics each year, since 2015.


The aim of this Competition is to promote  competent music criticism in both printed and electronic media, support beginners in this field, and  value those authors who promote Polish music outside the country. The Competition is also intended to encourage active participation in the music culture as well as to shape a positive image of music criticism.


1. The organizer provides the following prizes:

a) Three equivalent First Prizes in the Competition for the best text about music published in Poland, by a Polish author in a given calendar year.

b) Special Award for the text about Polish music published outside the country in a given calendar year, in a language other than Polish. Those texts are allowed to include single articles, reviews, blogs and music columns published regularly in the printed or electronic press. An author cannot have Polish nationality.

c) Distinction for Debutant. By “a debutant” is meant any person that writes in the Polish language, has not previously published any music text on musical subjects, or a person who, in the calendar year covered by the given edition of the Competition, has published in the Polish or foreign journal a text about music for the first time. In the case when a given author does not fulfill those requirements, the decision of the prize awarded will be revoked.

d) Awards for outstanding achievements in the field of music criticism, which are awarded by the administration of MEAKULTURA Foundation.

2. The prizes in the form of Statuettes and Diplomas sponsored by Polish Society of Authors and Composers ZAiKS are the official awards of the contest. In selected cases, also financial and material prizes are foreseen.

3. An additional award in the Competition will be a reprint edition of selected articles in the MEAKULTURA journal (meakultura.pl) with the prior author’s consent.

4. The Editorial Board, together with the Board of Directors, will contact selected winners in order to undertake further journalistic cooperation.

5. The name of the prize, a statuette as well as the graphic sign of the award, which constitute the attachment No. 1, are protected by the law regulations as a trademark.


1. Candidates for the prize (only private individuals) should submit their entries via email to: kropka@fundacjameakultura.pl with the text attached.

2. In the case, when entries are made on behalf of another person, the author has to be informed and gave his or her consent.

3. Only one text of a given author may be submitted to the competition. In the case when more than one text is submitted, the final qualification will take place at the stage of pre-selection mentioned in § 5 pkt.2

4. Members of MEACULTURA Foundation Board, members of the organizing committee as well as permanent editors of the meakultura.pl music magazine cannot enter the Competition.

5. Each article should include: author’s name and surname, address, phone number, email address and information about his/her first publication (if there is one).

6. All entries must be written in Times New Roman, 12 or 14 point font, line spacing of 1,5. The works must be submitted in .doc or PDF document format. In the case of the Special Prize it is also allowed to submit a legible scan of the article in the PDF or .jpg document format. The publications should contain at least 2,400 and no more than 40,000 signs including spaces.

7. The text of candidate who aspires for the Special Prize should be written in one of the three working languages (English, German or French) of the European Commission. If a given text does not meet these conditions, translation into English is required.

8. The text for the First Prize that was initially published in a language other than Polish, should be submitted to the editors together with the translation into the native language.


1. Organizers do not impose any form or subject of submitted works, neither the music scope to which they should relate. It is allowed to present review, column or essay. Any music genre to which the statement refers is allowed (classical music, popular music, film music, folk music). Criteria that will be taken into account in the process of selection include: original approach to a subject, erudition, reasoning skills, logical disquisition on the subject, comprehensibility, and artistic qualities of the text in terms of vocabulary and writing style.

2. The submitted works will be pre-qualified by particular members of the Organizational Committee of Polish Music Critics Competition “KROPKA”, who have a degree in musicology or cultural studies and among which should be at least two people with doctorate or higher doctorate degrees.

3. The best of the submitted entries (not less than 25% of the works for the Awards and 5 works in each category of Distinctions) will be presented to the Commission for evaluation. The author’s name will be kept in secret at the time of the Commission’s work.

4. The Commission will consist of seven professionals in musicology (musicologists, employees of the university, journalists, managers, etc.)

5. The decision of the Commission should be considered as ultimate and is not subject to appeal.


1. When registering, the Participant confirms that he/she fulfills all the conditions of the Competition and accepts all the rules specified in this Regulation.

2. Entrants  agree to the use of their personal data for the purposes of participation in the Contest.

3. The deadline of closing date for entries, the committee’s work and the notification of results (along with the award ceremony) is determined by the timetable, which should form Attachment No. 1 to that Regulation.

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