Daniel Cichy, Ph.D. - jury chairman



(photo by Radio Kraków)

A Doctor of Musicology and music journalist. Director and Editor in Chief of Polish Music Publishing House. Specializes in contemporary composing and opera music. His doctoral thesis was devoted to the life and works of Witold Szalonka. ectured at Institute of Music at University of Silesia in Cieszyn. Currently he is affiliated with the Institute of Musicology and Theatre Department of Jagiellonian University in Kraków. As a critic and music journalist he collaborates with „Tygodnik Powszechny” (weekly public magazine), „Ruch Muzyczny” („Music Movement”) and Polskie Radio Program II. He is a host of weekly broadcasts in Radio Kraków which popularize classical music.


Ewa Szczecińska



photo by Polish Radio

Editor in Polish Radio (Programme II) specializing in contemporary music and music critic cooperating with several music magazines „Glissando”, „Ruch Muzyczny", „Dwutygodnik", „Tygodnik Powszechny".


Paweł Gancarczyk, Ph.D. (with habilitation)



A musicologist and a professor at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Editor in Chief of "Muzyka" journal, founder and the editor of „Ikonografia muzyczna. Studia i materiały” series. He has published a number of research studies, mainly in the domain of medieval music history and early modernity. His book "La musique et la révolution de l’imprimerie. Les mutations de la culture musicale au XVIe siècle" (Lyon 2015) has won Prix des Muses.  In the years 2011-2015 he  served as a president of the Musicologists Section of Polish Composers Union. Apart from his scientific activity he intensely promoting musical knowledge.

Waldemar Kuligowski, Ph.D. (with habilitation)

Professor at the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań). His research interests include: contemporary culture, rituals and ceremonies, festivals and festivalisation, media and popular culture. He took part in field research and published a number of academic books and articles as well as journalist writings in popular magazines. Chief-Editor-in-Chief of „Kultury Popularne Świata” Series, Editor of „Czas Kultury”, member of Scientific Board „Kultura i Historia”.


Miłosz Bembinow, Ph.D.


(photo by Agata Fiech)


He serves as a president of the Section of Authors of Classical Music Works in the Authors Association ZAiKS. (Polish Society of Authors and Composers) and represents this institution in competition jury. A composer, conductor, organizer of musical life, lecturer at Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. His creative output includes chamber, orchestral and oratorio pieces of music, popular and film music. Albums with Bembinow music have been awarded with, among others, „Fryderyk” awards.


Mariusz Gradowski, Ph.D.



(photo by Grzegorz Śledź)

A musicologist, journalist and a music journalist. Lecturer at the Department of Systematic Musicology of the Institute of Musicology at the University of Warsaw. His doctoral thesis was devoted to the problems of style and genre of Polish youth music of 1957-1973. He collaborates with Polskie Radio Program II and Krzysztof Komeda Authorial School of Popular Music and Jazz. He published in, among others, „Glissando”, „Fragile”, „Więzi” („Bonds”). He is interested in anthropology of music and popular music in the widest sense. He also conducts lessons devoted to rock, jazz and film music.


Rafał Księżyk



photo: Marcin Klaban/Studio MMP

Journalist and music critic. In the 90s he contributed to new Polish musical press and popculture as the editor of the magazines „Brum”, „Plastik”, „Antena Krzyku”, „Aktivist”. He is currently the editor-in-chief of  „Playboy” Magazine. Co-autor of the autobiographies of Tomasz Stańko „Desperado” (2010),  Robert Brylewski „Kryzys w Babilonie” (2012), Tymon Tymański „AD/HD” (2013), Kazik Staszewski „Idę tam gdzie idę” (2015) and the author of the monographic essay „23 cięcia dla Williama S. Burroughsa” (2013).


Piotr Metz

Individual Award



A polish radio journalist, one of the founders and the music director of RMF FM radio station in 1990-2001. Former Editor in Chief of Machina (Machine) monthly magazine. He also worked in Eurozet Company, Eska Radio and Polish MTV station. Currently, he is the director of the Polskie Radio Program III (Polish Radio Three). In the years 2014-2016 he served as the music director of Radio Kraków. 

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