Organizing committee

Krzysztof Moraczewski, Ph.D. (with habilitation) – chairman


An employee of the Department of Artistic Culture Research at the Institute of Cultural Studies in Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He works on the questions of theory and history of artistic culture, with particular emphasis on the musical culture and the problems of the methodology of humanities. Author of the book „Sztuka muzyczna jako dziedzina kultury” („Music art as a field of culture”) (UAM, Poznań 2007). He is the author of many articles (published in, among others, „Kultura Współczesna” („Contemporary Culture”) magazine) dedicated to modern music and scientific status of humanities. He does not limit himself to academic activity, but deliveres public lectures and participates in debates (e.g. during the meetings organized by the Barak Kultury Foundation and „Nostalgia” music festival). He also works on the issues of education in the field of cultural studies. He has written articles on the problems of today’s education and a two-volume textbook of knowledge about culture „Od wieży Babel do drapaczy chmur” („From Babel to scyscrapers”), (Poznań 2003) for high schools and technical schools. His video lectures conducted for the MEAKULTURA Foundation were nominated for Science in the Internet Award of Polish Press Agency.


Marlena Wieczorek, Ph.D. – substantial activities


The chairperson of the MEAKULTURA Foundation Management Board and the originator of the concept of the Polish Music Critic Competition „KROPKA”. She has extensive professional experience, both from the strictly scientific side, as well as associated with the management of demanding projects (e.g. in the National Library she coordinated the work of the team associated with the audio and audiovisual sector). She revealed her passion for research related to Polish music by selection of her doctoral dissertation topic, dedicated to the migratory artist – Roman Maciejewski. She willingly devotes herself to creative work, as evidenced by numerous publication and the creation of the concept of – an independent online magazine about music that for three years with great success exists in the consciousness of people interested in music (not in just so-called serious music). She received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for 2013.


Ewa Schreiber, Ph.D. – substantial activities


A doctor of musicology, MA in philosophy, and a music critic. She is interested in the aesthetic of music and the afterthought of the composers of the second half of the twentieth century. As a critic she specializes in the works of the young generation. She is the author of the book „Muzyka i metafora. Koncepcje kompozytorskie Pierre’a Schaeffera, Raymonda Murraya Schafera i Gerarda Griseya” („Music and metaphor. Composing concepts of Pierre Schaeffer, Raymond Murray Schafer and Gerard Grisey”) (Warsaw 2012), for which she received the National Centre for Culture Award and rev. prof. Hieronim Feicht Award. She lectures in the Department of Musicology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.


Ewa Chorościan – promotional and PR activities


A music theorist (Academy of Music in Poznań – since 2012, the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz – 2015/2016), bachelor’s degree in mathematics (Adam Mickiewicz University). An organizer of concerts and student conferences, the participant of workshops devoted to criticism (e.g. music criticism seminar at the „Warsaw Autumn” in 2014). Sincetwo years she is associated with the MEAKULTURA magazine and foundation, she collaborated with „Ruch Muzyczny” („Music Movement”), Institute of Music and Dance, Children’s Art Centre in Poznań. In the academic and journalistic work she is trying to keep up with the latest music.


Max Skorwider, Ph.D. – design of the competition logo


A respected artist of the younger generation, well-known lecturer of the University of Fine Arts (formerly ASP) in Poznań, and a graduate of this university at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. He is engaged in printmaking, posters, illustrated press and other forms of contemporary art. He participates in exhibitions and competitions, and won numerous awards at home and abroad. He runs a drawing blog – Max Skorwider Comments (, „Max and Single” column in MEAKULTURA, and his own gallery of famous musicians’ portraits.


Ewa Odyjas – design of the statuette


An architect. A doctoral student at the Faculty of Architecture at Silesian University of Technology, and a graduate of the Museum and Curatorial Studies at the Jagiellonian University.

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