The Final Gala 2015

The long-awaited ceremony of granting the awards in the first edition of the Competition for Polish Music Critics “KROPKA” took place in main office of Polish Music Publishing in Warsaw on the 10th May at 4 p.m. The main aim of the event is to honour and acquaint significant figures for Polish music criticism with the broader audience. The competition’s goal is also to bring the attention to the young artists who are at the very beginning of their career in music industry; and to present the works of foreign musicologists, journalists, and publicists, dedicated to the examination and promotion of Polish music in the world.

MEAKULTURA Foundation – the organiser of the competition – wants its open formula, combining all music genres and styles, to integrate the critics’ environment which remains dispersed due to the vast stylistic diversity and niche character of some musical trends.

Thus far, there was no such event dedicated towards music critics; its first edition indicated the need to celebrate it annually, as it serves as a relevant place for exchange of thoughts and experiences.

Poster of the 29th Warsaw Music Encounters

Photograph by Bartosz Dąbrowski

Registration for the competition lasted from the 7th January to 25th February. The response from the Polish critics’ environment, professionals as well as debutants or bloggers, overgrew the organisers’ expectations; there were hundreds of applications. Notable critics from Europe and the United States who promote Polish culture in the world through their articles were nominated to the international award.

Jury of the competition

Photograph by Aleksandra Stępień

Jury in the following composition: Daniel Cichy (president) Joanna GrotkowskaAnna Chęćka-GotkowiczWeronika Grozdew-KołacińskaPiotr Metz, Miłosz Bembinow and Mariusz Herma granted the participants:

  1. First prize:

Anna R. Burzyńska for the text "O duchu, materii i tym wszystkim, co pomiędzy" („Didaskalia“)

Karolina Kolinek-Siechowicz for the text "Jarosław liturgicznie" („Ruch Muzyczny”)

Barbara Kinga Majewska for the text "Zapach ciała i instrumentu" („Glissando”)

Anna R. Burzyńska

Photograph by Bartosz Dąbrowski

Karolina Kolinek-Siechowicz

Photograph by Bartosz Dąbrowski

Barbara Kinga Majewska

Photograph by Aleksandra Stępień

  1. Second prize:
    - for a debutant

Katarzyna Trzeciak for the text "W windzie podświadomości"
- for a blogger:

Aleksandra Bliźniuk for the text "Alma Mahler - kobieta, która się zapomniała" published on blog

  1. Special Award:
    Alex Ross for the "Drowned Sounds" („The New Yorker”)

Additionally, as a part of the competition, Maciej Froński received the Piotr Metz’s Individual Award for the text about popular music – "Warszawiak Manu Chao, czyli dole i niedole wykorzenionego podczas budowy kapitalizmu" („Gadki z Chatki”); Aleksandra Bliźniuk, the second prize winner for the finest blogpost, won the Chief Editor of the Polish Music Publisher (PWM) Award. MEAKULTURA Foundation granted its own award for special achievements in music criticism for Rafał Augustyn.

The ceremony of granting awards was conducted by Karolina Kizińska and Mikołaj Rykowski.

Karolina Kizińska i Mikołaj Rykowski

Photograph by Bartosz Dąbrowski


The winners received competition diplomas, and statuettes designed by Ewa Odyjas, as well as material prizes (books, CDs) from the Institute of Music and Dance.

Competition statuettes

fot. Aleksandra Stępień

During the official part of the event, Daniel Cichy, the president of jury and head of PWM, and Dariusz Przybylski, a representative of the Authors' Association ZAiKS, gave short speeches. Daniel Cichy mentioned Stefan Kisielewski and Andrzej Chłopecki, as well as culture-producing role of the Polish Music Publisher; he also highlighted the amount and diversity of applications, which turned out to be a great challenge. Dariusz Przybylski read the letter given from Miłosz Bembinow, a representative of ZAiKS in the competition jury.

The chief editor PWM, Daniel Cichy

Photograph by Bartosz Dąbrowski


The winners thanked the jury, the editors, and their families. Their gratitude created a nearly family-like atmosphere. Katarzyna Dadak-Kozicka accepted the award on behalf of Rafał Augustyn who was abroad, and Alan Lockwood read the statement sent by Alex Ross.

Alan Lockwood

Photograph by Bartosz Dąbrowski

The artistic part which was also a moment of relaxation for the audience was provided by Aleksander Dębicz and his piano recital. The pianist presented his own compositions which were recorded on a debutant disk “Cinematic Piano”, released by Warner Classic. One must congratulate the performer for his courage to play in front of the audience comprised almost exclusively of music critics.

Aleksander Dębicz

Photograph by Bartosz Dąbrowski

Corridor conversations lasted long after the concert.

The amount of applications, the interest from the editorial offices, cultural institutions and private individuals, show that the contest which is a field to struggle and compete, as well as a pretext to environment integration is necessary in Poland. After the successful first edition of the Competition for Polish Music Critics “KROPKA” we invite you for the next edition in 2006. Further details about the second edition are going to appear on the MEAKULTURA Foundation website and in the online magazine about music

Photograph by Aleksandra Stępień

The competition was under the honour patronage of National Centre of Culture, and Polish Centre of Musical Information was a media patron. The event could not be held without the support of the sponsors: the Polish Music Publisher (PWM) which hosted the event, the Institute of Music and Dance which founded material prizes for the winners, Yamaha company which delivered the piano, the florist Kwiatowy Styl, and Jarzyna pastry shop. Special gratitude goes to the Authors' Association ZAiKS’ Cultural Support Fund which sponsored the competition. 

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