In 2014 Jury of Polish Music Critics Competition “KROPKA” decided to award the following prizes:

1. First Prize:

Anna R. Burzyńska for the text „O duchu, materii i tym wszystkim, co pomiędzy” („About the spirit, matter, and everything in between”) („Didaskalia”)

Karolina Kolinek-Siechowicz for the text „Jarosław liturgicznie” („Jarosław liturgically”) („Ruch Muzyczny”)

Barbara Kinga Majewska for the text „Zapach ciała i instrumentu” („The smell of body and instrument”) („Glissando”)

 2. Disctinctions:

- for a debutant

Katarzyna Trzeciak for the text „W windzie podświadomości” („In the elevator of the subconsciousness”)

- for a blogger

Aleksandra Bliźniuk for the text „Alma Mahler – kobieta, która się zapomniała” („Alma Mahler – the woman which was off her head”) which was published on the blog

3. Special Award

Alex Ross for the text „Drowned Sounds” („The New Yorker”)


Additionally, within the competition, the following prizes were granted:

Piotr Metz Individual Award for text about popular music

Maciej Froński for the text „Warszawiak Manu Chao, czyli dole i niedole wykorzenionego podczas budowy kapitalizmu” („Varsovian Manu Chao, fortunes and misfortunes of eradicated during the construction of capitalism” („Gadki z Chatki”)

Editor in Chief of Polish Music Publishing House Award for Aleksandra Bliźniuk

MEAKULTURA Foundation Award for outstanding achievements in the field of music criticism for Rafał Augustyn


The jury was composed of:

Daniel Cichy, Ph.D. (chairman)

Joanna Grotkowska

Anna Chęćka-Gotkowicz, Ph.D. (with habilitation)

Weronika Grozdew-Kołacińska

Piotr Metz

Miłosz Bembinow, Ph.D.

Mariusz Herma


The Award Ceremony of Polish Music Critic Competition “KROPKA” took place on the 10th of May, at 4 pm in Polish Music Publishing House [PWM] on Fredry 8 Street, Warsaw

The Award Ceremony featured a piano recital by Aleksander Dębicz, who signed an exclusive artist contract with Warner Classics, and his debut album „Cinematic Piano” was released in Poland on May 11 and distributed worldwide in June.

The pianist performed a recital on YAMAHA piano.

The Award Ceremony was an event accompanying the 29th Warsaw Music Meetings, and the honorary patronage of the event took National Cultural Centre.


Timetable of the first edition of Polish Music Critic Competition “KROPKA”


January 7, 2015

 Competition announcement


February 25, 2015

Closing date for entries


February 26-March 1, 2015

Selection process (selection of entries and nomination of papers to be entered for the competition)


March 9-31, 2015

The competition jury deliberations (judging process)


April 9, 2015

 Results announcement


May 10, 2015

The award ceremony in Polish Music Publishing House [PWM] on Fredry 8 Street, Warsaw


The competition received support from the Polish Society of Authors and Composers ZAiKS Fund.


Partners of the competition:

Polish Music Publishing House

Music and Dance Institute

Polish Music Information Centre

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