What's different about European culture from other musical cultures of the world?

What are the functions of music in our culture and how is it transmitted?

What do we expect from professional musicians?

What has changed in European music in the last century?

Answers to these and other questions are included in dr hab. Krzysztof Moraczewski’s video lecture series. A cultural expert of Adam Mickiewicz’s University in Poznan and the author of the book Sztuka muzyczna jako dziedzina kultury (Poznan 2007).


dr hab. Krzysztof Moraczewski – An employee of “Zakład Badań nad Kulturą Artystyczną” of the UAM’s Department of Culture in Poznan. He deals with the issues concerning the theory and the history of the artistic culture with particular emphasis on the musical culture and on the problems concerning the methodology of the humanities. The author of a book “Sztuka muzyczna jako dziedzina kultury” (UAM, Poznań 2007). He also has many articles (mainly published in the “Kultura Współczesna” magazine) about modern music and about the scientific status of humanities. He is not limited to academic activities. He also gives public lectures and takes part in debates (among others; lectures during the meetings organized by “Barak Kultury” foundation and during the “Nostalgia” music festival). He also deals with educational issues in a scope of cultural studies.  He is the author of a two-volume textbook of cultural education for high school and technical college „Od wieży Babel do drapaczy chmur” (Poznan 2003) and of the articles on the issues of contemporary education.

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