The Foundation MEAKULTURA focuses on Music, Education and Artists being one of a kind connection between independence, passion and professionalism. Our aims are in particular: promotion of valuable music of different genres, concert and editorial activity, realisation of educational projects, supporting professional musical journalism as well as work of scientists, authors, performers, producers and festivals (noteworthy because of high artistic quality), supporting Polish culture in the international arena and conducting social campaigns. MEAKULTURA is created by experts from academic and musical community in Poland as well as from abroad (Belgium, the United States, France, Great Britain).

Chosen projects:

The Foundation MEAKULTURA has many unquestionable achievements to its credit of artistic and scientific value, such as: Regularly published online magazine about music (ISSN 2299-1255) has its constant circle of readers. The magazine fills the gap on the Polish market of music publishing companies, linking competent, profound reflection about classical and popular music, providing independent views and factual texts written in an intelligible way which could be a source of knowledge for either amateurs or demanding readers. Target readers of the magazine are people with higher education: journalists, academic staff, teachers, music lovers, humanists, civil servants, workers of cultural institutions, students and graduates of higher education.

The social campaign ‘Save the Music’ is a protection and promotion of good music which is one of the main priorities of MEAKULTURA. Clothes may turn out helpful in this project. The foundation wants to invite to this idea all people who are able to show their affiliation and care about musical heritage through clothes. The clothes will be designed by a famous fashion designer Kinga Król and drawings will be done by a representative of the young generation of graphic designers Max Skorwider whose recognisable drawings have been repeatedly awarded in Poland and abroad. The ambassadors of the project will be well-known Polish musicians and other authorities. The action will have a broad media background. Sales of the product will allow the Foundation to publish, e.g. educational and popular science books.

The service Music from Poland ( presents comprehensive, richly illustrated descriptions of lives and activities of Polish composers from the young generation. With time the portal will be completed with translations into other language and new topical circles (e.g. concerning film music composers, emigration composers, jazz musicians, soloists as well as classical and popular music bands). Ultimately the service will be transmuted into a portal and translated into other languages.

The Competition of Polish Music Critics ‘KROPKA’ (‘Dot’) is the first project of that kind in the Polish music community. The jury deliberated in March under the guidance of the editor-in-chief of PWM Daniel Cichy (in the jury there were e.g. Piotr Metz and Joanna Grotkowska – editors of Polskie Radio). The solemn delivery of awards linked with a concert was a part of Warsaw Music Encounters (

The Foundation MEAKULTURA is still searching for new media which will make the message more suggestive and attractive for the receiver. Video lectures made for the Foundation by Polish scientists (nominated to the award in the category Science on the Internet granted by Polish Press Agency) turned out to be a success in this area.




ADDRESS: MEAKULTURA Foundation, Zwycięstwa 1, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

MAIL DROP: Os. Pod Lipami 6l/117, 61-634 Poznań, Poland


NUMBER: +48 32 746 5000 (please, record your message)




NUMBERS: KRS 0000431356 / NIP (Tax Identification Number) 6312646838 / REGON (National Business Registry Number) 24303047000000

MANAGEMENT: dr Marlena Ilona Wieczorek (President) / dr Ewa Maria Schreiber (Vice-president)

COUNCUL: Aneta Derowska, dr Rafał Zapała

ACCOUNT: 09 1160 2202 0000 0002 2487 6324 + SWIFT BIGBPLPW, Bank MILLENIUM S.A.

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