From Poland with Music: 100 Years of Polish Composers Abroad (1918–2018) 

From Poland with Music: 100 Years of Polish Composers Abroad (1918–2018) 




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From Poland with Music: 100 Years of Polish Composers Abroad (1918–2018) is the first comprehensive treatment of the theme of emigration among Polish composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. The book focuses on classical composers (e.g. Paderewski, Weinberg, Panufnik), but extends to important figures from the worlds of jazz and film music (Komeda, Makowicz, Kaczmarek, Korzeniowski). It will be published jointly by the MEAKULTURA Foundation and the Scala Art & Heritage Publishers on October 1, 2021. This book will be available as the printed edition and the e-book.

The first part of the book contains a series of essays on overarching themes related to the Polish musical diaspora, while the second part comprises an engaging collection of interviews with experts concerning the life and legacy of selected composers, with revealing insights into the artists’ personalities and entertaining anecdotes from their lives. Ignacy Jan Paderewski was not only an outstanding pianist and composer, but also the prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of free Poland in 1919. Bronisław Kaper was the first Polish composer to win an Oscar in 1954 for Lili, and Henryk Wars scored 60 projects for Columbia, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, MGM, United Artists and Paramount.

Specially commissioned line drawings (composer portraits and conceptual images) made by original and talented graphic designer Max Skorwider offer a fresh and attractive approach to illustrating a book on this subject.

The partners are: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ZAiKS Assotiation of Authors.


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